Friday 23 February 2018

Office Chair Massages for the Holidays



Try being the hero of your office and suggest office chair massages for you and your coworkers to your boss this holiday season.  More and more businesses are giving their employees complimentary chair massages as a perk during the holiday season.  Here at KLM massage, we have participated in corporate health fairs and marathons, but we have also gone to local businesses to build morale during the busy holiday season or any other busy times of the year (April 15th for certain businesses for example:).  So how do you pitch this to your boss without sounding like a selfish employee? There are many benefits to chair massage. Even a 5-7 minute chair massage can do the trick. Bust out your power point skills, because the more professional the presentation, the better!

Firstly, tell your boss that even a short massage not only can boost morale, but will actually make his employees more productive.  Sure, the immediate affects of a massage can make you feel relaxed, but physically a massage can help a person gain a second wind. Especially if they have a chronic pain or ailment that can directly or indirectly be caused by stresses related to work (ie neck or back pain). Repetitive Motion Injuries are more than likely caused from the everyday things you do at work, like sitting, standing, walking, or typing.

Secondly, you can tell your boss that massage can help his employees focus.   It is common knowledge that stress can lead to lower productivity and more mistakes. When is it that we make common mistakes at work? When we are stressed and/or distracted. The holiday’s can be stressful not only at work, but at home as well.  Even a 5 minute chair massage improves circulation, lowering  blood pressure which in turn lowers the stress level, thus making it easier to focus.

Thirdly, you can tell your boss that by providing his employees with complimentary massages can easily label him as “the best boss ever”.  Nothing says “I love and appreciate you” like a good ol’ fashioned chair massage. Everyone wants to be liked, and in the spirit of the holiday’s, give your employees a gift that keeps giving.

So, to sum up:

1. Boosts morale and increases productivity

2. Increases focus at work

3. Easily labels you “the best boss ever”

I hope this post helps to convince your boss this holiday season. Most people know the benefits of massage and don’t need much coercion. Most, I would say, I had at “chair massage“. Happy Holidays!

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